Removing the Unwanted Fats

bodyfatsLiposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is available in most cities like liposuction in Long Island as well as medical centers. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery that has been performed by most patients in the world. The surgery gets rid of any stubborn fat pockets which are resistant to exercise and diet from any part of the body. However, you should ensure that you visit a well- trained specialist who can administer this technique effectively giving you a fit appearance and a youthful body.

There are times when some isolated fat pockets appear on the body and it becomes completely difficult getting rid of them no matter how healthy you eat or exercise. Liposuction gets rid of these fats and improves your body contours. This operation is mostly performed on the abdomen, back, thighs, chin, buttocks, love handles (flanks), neck, face, upper arms, hips and the inner knees. However, liposuction is more commonly done on the lower abdomen and thighs of women and the flanks (side love handles) and abdomen of men.

Experts say that people with elastic skin and good skin tone are the best candidate for liposuction. This is because people with non-elastic skin end up with loose skin after the procedure. All patients should eat well and be healthy. People with circulation problems such as diabetes and coronary artery disease as well as those whose immune is weak are not advised to undergo liposuction. In addition, all candidates should be above 18 years of age.

Liposuction surgery can also be used to remedy some conditions such as


This is a chronic condition where excess lymph fluid is collected in tissues causing swelling (edema). These swelling mostly occurs in legs and arms. This fluid collects and accumulates faster than it is drained. Liposuction surgery reduces the pain involved, discomfort and the swellings. However, the procedure is recommended only to patients with severe symptoms. The patients wear a firm bandage for around one year after the operation.


This is where fat accumulates under the nipples of a man. Liposuction procedure is used to remove the excess fat therefore reducing the swelling.

Lipodystrophy syndrome

In Lipodystrophy syndrome, fat collects in one body part and it is lost in another body part. Liposuction improves the appearance of the patient, providing a natural looking body.

After extreme weight loss

Liposuction is used to correct situations where a person loses up to 45% of their body mass index (BMI). This is because after a bypass procedure or gastric band, some abnormalities such as excess skin may require treatment.

Liposuction Recovery

The recovery time depends on the technique used but the total recovery after a liposuction operation usually takes around two weeks. However, some patients may experience swelling and bruising for a longer period. There are also some liposuction procedures where a patient is required to wear a firmness garment to enhance the healing process for some time. After full recovery, one is able to resume with normal daily activities.


Separating the wheat from the chaff

Surgeon writing on the serious woman's face in the white backgroundPlastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, is not about beauty all the times. There are times when a person may be involved in accident which means that reconstructive surgery has to be performed on them. This kind of surgery, just like any other, does not come on the cheap. In fact, it is normally more expensive because of the magnitude of work and skills involved. If you decide to do it, it is only natural that you want only the top guys to be the ones doing it for you. Remember that it can lead to adverse results if done by unqualified experts. The following are things that separate great Calgary plastic surgeons from good ones.

1). Patient satisfaction

Great cosmetologists take customer satisfaction very seriously. This entails spending more time with their patients compared to other surgeons. These professionals use cutting-edge technology like 3-D imaging systems so as to give their clients better clue in terms of potential results. Also, these types of surgical experts make use of illustrations to detail anatomy and surgical procedure, take their clients through the before-and-after images of patients who had similar problems and do have second consultations 1-2 days prior to the surgery to ensure that patients and them are in agreement with regard to expectations and goals. They are also excellent listeners and will pay attention to what their clients want so that they do the exact thing.

2). Characteristics that differentiate good doctors from great ones

A good surgeon might be a nice clinician, might have good bedside manners, could be a good educator and may also be a good surgical expert. On the other hand, a great doctor will seem to have it all. A great physician has the ability to critically analyze as well as incorporate modern techniques and also has great understanding of time-tested procedures. Such experts do not only know when is the right time to perform a particular operation but also just what needs to be done in order to get excellent results. Also, these individuals will handle unexpected complications with adroit skills. Not only are they kind and compassionate but they are also great listeners to their clients. These individuals have true talent, and possess wonderful surgical skills which are precise as well as detail-oriented to enable them get the best possible results.

3). Keeping abreast with latest technological advances in the plastic surgery realm

Keeping abreast with the latest advances in technology requires that a surgeon be an educator, constantly reads lay and medical journals and also be a good researcher. Apart from practicing cosmetics surgery, they will also be found teaching residents. This way, they are able to stay ahead of the technology and the latest developments in the industry. Such a person could also have edited a book in their area of specialization, which enables him or her to collaborate with the best experts in the industry.

4). Experience and qualification

This is another thing that will let you distinguish between a good and a great doctor. Having been in the industry for longer, and having earned the trust of his or her clients, this is definitely someone you can trust. But experience will have to taken in consideration with the above factors.

Cirque Du Soleil Envy

cirqueFew things are as spectacular as Cirque du Soleil performances – I’ve got several DVD’s, and a few CD’s of the music. I feel it is a great deprivation that I have never actually seen any of it in the flesh. They seldom venture out to Southfield or Columbia, but just stay in the big, glittering cities like Las Vegas. But nevertheless, on a flat screen or otherwise, they are all such rich and heady feasts for the senses – the costumes, the music, the dancing and the acrobatics are all so thrilling and breathtaking.

Each show glorifies and showcases the wondrous beauty and strength of the human body. The captivating grace when it is in motion with other bodies, all the movements rhythmic and in sync, such as during all those dance sequences. There’s even grace and when it is frozen, as those suspended in ropes and trapezes somehow manage to do for seconds at a time while in midair. And then there are those incredibly exciting feats of power and balance, such as when two male dancers come together and lift and hold themselves in grotesque and graceful poses, showing off their sinewy muscles and seemingly supernatural strength.

Science and medicine can analyze the how’s and wherefore’s of each muscle and each organ in the body, but it can not explain the exquisiteness, the profundity of emotion that it can express with every movement, for especially in this case, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

I wonder at the depth of training and skill each performer possesses. How many hours for how many months do they practice and perfect each move? How many hours, months, and years have they spent before that in order to build their abilities, their strength and balance? I wonder at the pain they must have gone through at times, when they get injured or when they get cramps. Do they get spider veins and varicose veins ( Do they have a PT’s and doctors on standby? Or do they have to go out to get their therapy or their vein treatment?

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Love Your Body

bodyA few minutes spent with one of Fernando Botero’s sculptures of “robust” women would disabuse anyone of the fact that the pinnacle of beauty is slenderness. Attractiveness comes in different shapes and sizes. It’s sad that these days, many full-figured women feel unbeautiful because of the (sponsored) messages they get from the internet and mainstream media. Sadder still that society in general are fed these same messages and are blinded by them so that they can not see the beauty in all its forms, but just a few. If women could only see how beautiful they already are, there would probably be a lot of plastic surgeons who’d be out of work.

Instead, they feel bad and insecure about themselves, and they don’t get any affirmation either from their peers or from society in general, who generally just reinforce in them the burning need to change how they look, to go out and get a liposuction (, or starve themselves and run themselves to the ground trying to fit into size 4 clothes. It’s either that or drown their sorrows in Cherry Garcia and several rounds of Long Island iced tea.

It was truly wonderful when there were some Rubenesque women who decided that enough is enough, and set about correcting the widespread perception that fat women are ugly. Enchanted Zaftig is a blog that celebrates the full-figured fabulousness of big women by featuring poetry, photography, paintings, drawings, and sculptures that show such women in their full feminine glory. Works by Fernando Botero and Adam Schultz are featured often, as are high profile women who delight in their lush bodies. Prose and verses written by the blog owner pepper the site, and open up women’s minds that zaftig women are women, with desires, and thoughts, and propensity for enjoyment. Women who visit the site or the Facebook page are encouraged to support other women with affirming words and compliments. The blog and its corresponding Facebook page is a welcome respite from all the images of skinny women and ads for diets and gym equipment, and TV shows featuring thin models fighting for stardom or fat people getting thin. It does what it says it does – helping full-figured women relish life.

Eyeglass Envy

eyeglassIf there’s anything that would make a gal forego forever being rid of lifelong myopia or farsightedness — well, apart from fear of risks and of the unknown — it would be the thought of giving up wearing those wonderful works of art masquerading as spectacles. And make no mistake, these eyeglasses are works of art, and have been deemed worthy to carry the name of the up-and-coming style visionaries as well as the world-famous design legends who have conceived them. Having “four eyes” doesn’t seem like such a chore at all when one is wearing such fabulous eyewear.

Eye fashion is just as expressive of one’s identity and personal style as one’s choice of clothes. One can be as geeky, funky, edgy, sassy, or sexy as one wishes to project oneself to be. Those black rimmed Dolce and Gabbana cat’s eye frames are absolutely to die for. And for something younger, there are those slightly tinted John Lennon type glasses to take one up to the highest of cool highs. Or one can go old-school with tortoiseshell horn-rimmed glasses for the absolute retro chic.

And what about all that wonderful (and sustainable) craftsmanship that can be found in those wooden eyeglass frames? The beauty, the shape, the attention to detail and the refinement involved in the creation of these all-wood spectacle frames are just so jaw-dropping. A closer look at the tiny wooden hinges in Rolf glasses can blow the mind. The uber stylishness of Panda glasses that is so reminiscent of Ray Ban Wayfarers can really awaken one’s inner shopaholic that’s hibernating deep within, waiting to pounce. And the fact that these eyeglasses are made of real wood, gives each piece a wonderful natural, earthy texture, and its own unduplicatable uniqueness.

One gives all that up when a LASIK surgery (discover more here) turns out so successful that wearing glasses is no longer needed at all. Of course, perfect vision does not prevent anyone from indulging in an awesome pair of eyeglasses, but an honest down-to-earth girl would feel like such a poser doing it. There are enough hipsters walking around Austin.

Gamut of Drinking Problems

Wine and beer, sake and rum, vodka and champagne — these are among the beverages that signal an evolved civilization. Well, all that and a bartender who makes a mean martini. Having drinks is one of the social events that help build friendships and relationships, such that alcohol for the most part is a fixture in major celebrations that mark life’s special moments. What would weddings be like without some bubbly?

When does social drinking cross over to drinking problem? And is there a line distinguishing alcohol abuse from alcoholism, and when does one cross it?

As a general rule, a person has a drinking problem when the drinking causes problems in one’s life – in one’s relationships, career, health and well-being. Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are two of the most extreme in the gamut of drinking problems. They differ only that alcohol addiction (i.e., alcohol dependence or alcoholism) is a condition where there is total loss of control when it comes to drinking that it takes over one’s life.

What constitutes alcohol abuse? One is said to “abuse” alcohol when it becomes a crutch, when one uses it to feel good and to relax or make oneself feel better over a problem. A sure warning sign is when one shirks one’s commitments and responsibilities as a result of drinking, or takes dangerous risks while under the influence. When alcohol consumption affects work or studies, or causes one to blow off appointments, it is a sign that something is wrong.

One crosses over to the realm of addiction when the need for alcohol goes beyond the psychological to biological. The symptoms for dependency is the same as if it were drugs. When one develops a tolerance for alcohol so that one is compelled to drink more of it in order to feel the same buzz – that’s one sign. When one experiences withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld, symptoms such as sweating and tremors, nausea, depression and fatigue – that’s another grave warning sign.

Alcohol addiction must be treated like any other addiction. It is not something a person can get over by himself or herself. Help and support of loved ones is needed. Professional help is needed and can be found in treatment centers such as Simple Recovery in Orange County.

Legs in Au Naturel Without Varicose Veins

varicose veins treatmentBeauty is an important aspect of the body that in some way determines how day to day life activities are conducted. A person having abnormal appearance tends to have low self esteem leading into social withdrawal. For instance, having varicose veins tend to be unsightly and uncomfortable. Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins that appear on the skin’s surface. Legs and ankles are prone to developing varicose veins. A person having varicose veins can easily find treatment of varicose veins in Manhattan at Advancec Varicose Vein. Such treatment involves various cosmetic surgery procedures aimed at restoring the veins to their normal appearance.

Cause of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins appear on the skin’s surface as a result of weakened veins and valves in the legs. When valves fail to function properly, blood may collect in the veins of the legs. This leads to pressure building up in the veins and thereby the veins become large, weak and twisted. This condition is more common among pregnant women, overweight people and aging people. Varicose veins can also be as a result of standing for long periods of time without much movement. They lead to displeasing physical appearance, swelling of the feet and ankles, itching of the veins and heaviness among other such symptoms.

Cosmetic Treatment of Varicose Veins

In you are to undergo treatment of varicose veins by Dr. Alan Katner, there are various methods of treatment that can be relied on to effectively treat the veins. Prior to being treated, a medical evaluation on the veins is carried out. Use of herbal supplements, cigarettes, aspirin and some anti-inflammatory medicines is usually restricted prior to treatment. The procedures for treatment relied on include but are not limited to:

Use of Compression Stockings

The most conservative method used in treatment of varicose veins in Manhattan is use of compression stocking. These stocking can be prescribed by a cosmetic surgeon and are most effective when such a condition causes pain or uncomfortable feelings. Once prescribed, they can be purchased from pharmacies and medical supply stores.


Sclerotherapy is another effective treatment method for varicose veins that relies on use of solutions that are injected into an affected vein. This solutions work is such a way that it irritates the vein to make it swell and clot. With time, the vein usually turns into a scar tissue that later becomes invisible from the outside. This procedure is fairly inexpensive and simple.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment method that relies on use of acute pulsed light to treat small varicose veins. This therapy procedure is usually used when laser therapy and Sclerotherapy fail to completely treat varicose veins.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy boasts as the most effective varicose veins treatment method. Laser light usually heats the affected veins and destroys them. It is widely used to treat facial and leg varicose veins.

Surgical Stripping/ Ligation

Surgical stripping (or else ligation) is the treatment procedure relied on for treating serious varicose veins. This surgical procedure involves tying or removal of the dilated vein via a small cut made on the skin. This procedure is done by a vascular surgeon.

With such methods of treatment of varicose veins in Manhattan available, desired beauty aspects can be easily achieved once the unsightly veins are treated.

How to Stage an Intervention

addiction treatmentAddiction is destructive. Though its physiological and psychological consequences are quite extensive, its repercussions reach far beyond those. It damages relationships, careers, finances, and all aspects of the addict’s life.

Do you have a loved one who needs help in overcoming an addiction? Those in the thrall of dependence tend to be the last ones to see or acknowledge that they need help. Staging an intervention may well be the most loving thing that you can do.

Once you have decided that an intervention is indeed required, here are some important things to do and remember:

1. You have to plan it. Gather a few people who care for the person, and whom the person respects and loves. Seek their support. Keep the group small, as bigger groups tend to seem threatening. And when you do come together, remind everyone that you all seek a common goal, and are motivated by your love for your friend or family member. The group should meet and agree on the best approach with which to execute the intervention.

2. Choose words carefully. Each person should know what they are going to say when they have to say their piece. Each one should talk about how he or she feels, and avoid pointing fingers. Remember that love is the motivation. Practice spiels in order to have a grasp on what each one’s impact is, and how it sounds. Tone of delivery should have minimal blame and maximum compassion. You may also think in advance on how the addict will respond, and how the group will deal with his or her resistance.

3. Each person must prepare an ultimatum — what he or she do should the addict refuse to acknowledge the problem or refuse to get help.

4. Research on addiction treatments and rehab options so that should the addict acquiesce, he may be escorted to a facility like Addiction Therapy as soon as possible.

5. During the intervention, make sure that the atmosphere stays positive. Remind everyone to be patient yet firm, and follow through on the consequences of a negative response.

6. There are people who are experienced in organizing interventions, and you might want to ask for their help. They can also help control or moderate the group if it needs some guidance and leadership.

Varicose Veins – Not Just a Cosmetic Condition

varicose vein treatment clinicMillions of people suffer from varicose veins, but only a small percentage seek treatment. But this condition is not just an aesthetic concern, they could be painful too, as they often make the affected limbs feel heavy and sore, thereby limiting movement. They don’t just look ugly could make the skin feel dry and itchy too. Moreover, they could progress to more serious diseases, such as chronic vascular insufficiency.

Veins have valves that facilitate the flow of deoxygenated blood and waste from the different parts of the body to the heart. These valves are meant to prevent any kind of reflux or backflow of blood. When they stop working efficiently, it means circulation is impaired. Backflow occurs and blood accumulates in the veins, which builds pressure and pushes at the vein walls, causing them to enlarge and bulge out. This results in varicose veins.

Varicose veins therefore point to a more serious condition that is far more troubling than a cosmetic issue. If no treatment is done, if no changes are made to prevent varicose veins from worsening, more serious diseases could ensue, such as chronic venous insufficiency. When veins don’t work well, the body cannot eliminate waste products well. This could lead to skin dryness, irritations, eczema, and even sores in the areas where there’s varicosity. There could also be swelling and cramps, and a danger of profuse bleeding should cuts and injuries occur. Untreated varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency could eventually lead to acute fat necrosis.

Dr. H. Ahluwalia is a vascular surgeon who performs a variety of procedures for the treatment of varicose veins, one of which is the groundbreaking Venefit™. With this outpatient innovation, varicose veins by heating the vein walls with radio frequency energy so that they close, and blood is then rerouted to the healthy veins. This procedure is minimally invasive, with minimum pain, and minimum scarring. This is a great convenience, as there’s no downtime and normal activity can be resumed within the day. There might be coverage for this treatment too, in some insurance plans.

One can choose a number of other possible treatments, and these are all viable options. The only option that must not be taken for varicose veins is that of ignoring it.

Doing it Right: Upgrading your Old Windows and Doors

Upgrading old windows and doorsAre you by chance looking to replace your windows or doors so as to give your home a fresh look? Deciding when is the perfect time to replace or your windows or doors can be a tough decision. Choosing the right windows for your home will not only create a new look but will also provide you with years of low maintenance and also reduced energy costs, that is if you choose the right one. So, it would be better to do a little research about windows Calgary and know the benefits of each style before finally making a choice.

Polyethylene is the first most produced plastic worldwide, and the second one is vinyl. It is also mostly produced for building and construction products. Vinyl windows were first manufactured in Germany in 1954 due to wood shortages and the rising price of aluminum after the war. The first vinyl windows were introduced in the US in 1964. It became popular during the energy crisis in 1970 as most consumers started looking for energy-efficient options. In today’s times, vinyl windows make up more than half of the market share of sales in residential windows.

Vinyl windows are definitely an excellent addition to any home. This type of window is mostly made of a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Commonly known as vinyl, PVC is a useful plastic, and one of its most common applications is in windows. It offers several advantages over other window types, making it the better choice. There are several advantages that vinyl windows have over other types.

Vinyl windows provide a high level of insulation, which means they are great thermal insulators. This leads to reduced energy costs, saving you a lot of money on air conditioners and heaters all year round. Compared to aluminum window, a vinyl window can keep out heat during summer; alternatively, it can keep in heat during winter. Moreover, if you combine a double-paned glass with vinyl, you can even save more energy.

Some other benefits include minimal maintenance as they can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. You will never need to sand or paint over these windows. They are also more economical, energy efficient, and, of course, have a seamless look. Vinyl windows are also easier to install than other window types such as wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Vinyl is also recyclable. Vinyl is a thermoplastic, which means it can easily be melted and remolded into a new product with the benefit that it won’t lose its original chemical characteristics. According to the AAMA or the American Architectural Manufacturing Association, in 1997, the production of vinyl is more than 99% efficient, and more than a half a million tons of this plastic was recycled into other useful products.

In addition, vinyl windows Calgary can also be customized and offer numerous design options, for example, you can change the color to match the color theme of your home as custom colors and finishes are available to suit almost any design specifications. You can also have the shape molded to fit a specific area as it can be molded easily into different shapes.

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