Baby Shower Food Ideas

You may be wondering what kind of food to serve when you planning for a baby shower. Your menu will depend on the time your baby shower is going to be held as well as the length of the shower. Baby shower foods often consist of snacks, finger foods and punch.

One of the most common food served at a baby shower are finger foods. When guests socialize and mingle, they want to try a variety of foods while waiting to open gifts and play games. Popular finger foods are chips with dip, shrimp cocktail, cocktail wieners, pickle and olive trays, crackers and cheese, deviled eggs and fresh fruit.

Consider serving a variety of sandwiches and salad if you are planning to have your baby shower around lunch time. Cucumber sandwiches, pinwheel sandwiches or turkey roll-ups with tortillas are examples of mini sandwiches you can serve. You can make a delicious marinated fruit salad with cubed cantaloupe, cubed honeydew melon, sliced kiwis and undiluted juice concentrate. Serve some of the popular salads to serve are macaroni, potato or cold pasta.

You can offer a mixture of baked goods like cookies and cupcakes for desserts like a decorated cake or specialty desserts like cheesecake bites. Mix chocolate candy and the fresh of apples to make a snickers salad for a fun treat. Simply mix five regular-sized Snicker bars that have been cut up into pieces and refrigerated, five granny smith apples cut into pieces and a carton of whipped topping.

A classic choice during baby showers is the punch. You will need a base juice like pineapple or orange, a sherbet or ice cream like rainbow sherbet and a soda like lemon lime. You also have the option of adding pieces of fresh fruit to make the punch colourful and full of flavour.