About Us

We are a non-profit group helpingĀ  individuals truly have their day in court by educating them. Our team consists of a Denver real estate lawyer, a Las Vegas Divorce lawyer, and a Seattle criminal defense attorney. We understand that there are many different courts and many different situations which would cause a person to be required to appear before a judge.

We are not impartial to any specific situations or courts. All levels of court are in place for a reason. We do recognize the gap of information regarding the proceedings inside a courtroom, and desire to ensure the proper preparation of anyone prior to their court appearance.

We always recommend that you have an attorney present, but this is not always enough. If you are properly prepared for what is to come in your court proceedings, you are much more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

Some of the courts we specialize with include:

Divorce Court

DUI Court

Drug Court

Criminal Court

Civil Court

Business Court