Courtroom Etiquette

Courtroom EtiquetteThe courtroom isn’t necessarily a fun place to be, but everyone knows that. There are interesting things that occur though, as long as you’re not preoccupied as the one who is in trouble. There are different courts, but etiquette is practically the same. There is more of a regal atmosphere in a criminal courtroom compared to traffic court, but that still doesn’t mean much changes. So what can you expect when you enter the courtroom?

First, you will have passed through a metal detector for sure. Even outside the courtroom people are rather quiet. For one thing, they have to be respectful if court is in session, as even people outside the courtroom being loud can be disruptive. With that quiet atmosphere, people typically move in fashion if you get my drift. They are respectful of others, hold doors and are in general polite.

In the courtroom, people slow down even more. There is always a silent entry into the courtroom and a pause to scan the scene. You take your seat quietly, and for the most part, people aren’t talking. They might whisper among themselves. The bailiff will let you know when the judge is about to enter, but that doesn’t mean you can talk away and move around everywhere.

In fact, the bailiff keeps order. Imagine a school classroom setting and its rules, and you will get the picture. It is kind of odd if you think about it one way. For example, older people are generally revered in society and treated respectfully, but older people in the courtroom you will notice get treated the same way as everyone else, like children.

I get it that people are in there for charges, but the atmosphere and etiquette expected is just no fun. This goes for witnesses, spectators and anyone else there for other reasons. It also makes sense that the court should be respected, but I’m just saying courtroom etiquette is no fun at all. Perhaps it isn’t supposed to be enjoyable, which of course makes sense.

If you have been to a courtroom before, and then you go to another one, you will notice differences. However, as mentioned you are also going to realize similarities, many of them, especially when it comes to etiquette. Behave yourself, as that is what they are going to be expecting, as well as rising for the judge and keeping quiet during proceedings.