What Is the Procedure in a DUI Court?

The court systems have certainly seen their fair share of criminal cases in recent years. In fact, many of them are overloaded and it can be difficult to get to everything on the docket. At times, they have dedicated certain sections of the court system to specific types of charges, often when there are considerably large number of those cases passing through the court system on a regular basis. That is the case with DUI court.

This particular court system is established to handle individuals who are charged with driving under the influence. As a result of the court system being able to get your case and handle it in an efficient manner, it is more likely for your DUI charges to come up before the judge quickly. This can sometimes work to your advantage but at other times, it can lead to some stress on the part of the defendant.

The first step in the process actually takes place when you are arrested for driving under the influence. This is also a part of the process that could lead to successfully navigating DUI court and coming out with a positive outcome. It is important for the police to handle the arrest properly, and if they are accused of an unlawful arrest, it could work in your favor. After you are arrested, you will be booked into the system and bail will be set.

Going through DUI court is not a matter of going in one time and getting it over with. As a matter of fact, you may end up appearing before the judge several times. The first of those appearances is typically when bail is set and then there is the arraignment, where you enter a plea. Depending upon the plea that was set, the case may move forward in different ways.

There will often be a preliminary hearing to ensure that enough evidence has been brought to bring the DUI case to trial and at that point, a trial will be set. In most cases, the trial is unnecessary because of a guilty plea but if you decide to go to trial, be sure that you have an attorney by your side.

This is just really a brief overview of the DUI court process. It is best if you consult an attorney to help you through the process and to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.